Sony’s Digital Paper – Bridging The Great Digital Divide

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Sony introduced Digital Paper top the world

Sony introduced Digital Paper to the world

With the introduction of Sony’s digital paper, technology is rapidly making a foray bridging the digital gap. Paper and pen are a thing of the past. Nowadays, as one can see, hardly anyone carries a pen or a paper to jot down notes or write things. They have got their own mobiles, I-pads, tablets and laptops to do the same. In fact, most people using these items would not even remember the last time they had used a plain sheet of paper! However, not many people are eager to spend their hard earned money on buying devices just to write notes. To solve this, Sony is coming up with its advanced 13.3 inch digital paper device that is poised to save your plenty of time and money.

Features of the digital paper

Digital paper is better than real paper

Digital paper is better than real paper

This latest product offers convenient reading and writing capability with its large 13.3 inch screen. While most of the other devices are heavy and require pockets and bags for carrying them around, this digital paper weighs all of 0.78 pounds and is extremely convenient for the purpose of travelling or tours. The thickness of the device is just 7mm that ensures that one can even take notes while standing or in a queue. With a pixel display of 1200*1600 and a working internet connection adapter, this device can easily be connected with Wi-Fi. It has a card slot for microSD card and has an internal memory capacity of 4 GB that is extendable up to 16 GB.

How is it different from other devices?

In comparison with other devices, there are a lot of factor that differentiates Sony’s digital paper with the e-text applications. Let us have a look:

  • This touch screen digital paper has a display of E-ink Mobius using film that is extremely durable and over protective. Other devices use glass that is more prone to scratches and damage.
  • It weighs less than every other device. This works for the tagline of Sony that this product is the most ideal solution for a digital paper that cannot be found anywhere else.
  • A serious disadvantage of the product is that it does not support retina display, however there is news that Sony is working up a solution for this.
  • The digital paper has specifically been crafted technologically for being used as a paper while most other devices have this feature as an ‘extra’.

Who can use this?

Sony Digital Paper is light and easy to use

Sony Digital Paper is light and easy to use

According to sources in Sony, this digital paper is specifically created keeping in mind the needs of University students and large scale business units. Initiatives are being taken to make this product more user friendly so that hard papers can be replaced with these devices. This apart, this device can not only edit files gathered from internet, but can also create newer ones. Students or office colleagues can share PDF files and presentation with one another using WI-FI.


Overall it can be said that in the present scenario, this digital paper seems to be a viable option to be used by many since it has all the latest specifications that other similar devices have to offer and is priced conveniently for students.

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How To Make Sure Your Long Distance Relationship Will Work

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Long Distance Relationships can work

Long Distance Relationships can work

Long distance relationships… How frighteningly weird for some. So weird that they’d be quick to dismiss it as an IMPOSSIBLE thing to do. But in case you’ve met someone you really, really like who just happens to live in another state—or maybe even a different country, you’ll never know the sense of urgency some of these couples have to make things work. And in case you’re one of them, and are having doubts, don’t say no just yet. Give it a try, and follow these tips, you might just be able to chat and video call your way to happily ever after.

Establish rules

Just like any kind of relationship, an LDR needs a set of rules in order for you to establish a routine. Talk out your schedule; decide which time of the day would work best for the both of you to spend time together. We realize that these schedules aren’t permanent, but it’s nice that you can sync into each other’s lives without having to worry when your next conversation’s going to be.

Do things together

Do things together to keep it working

Do things together to keep it working

What some LDR couples do is go on “dates” together, in their own respective dining tables. They eat over the phone, talk about how their day went, share frustrations, laugh, et cetera. Some watch the same TV show, which is great because you can actually see the same thing. You’ll probably generate the same reaction, or just laugh at each other’s varying emotions. And you will always have the internet, social networking sites, and chat/call apps to be thankful for.

Establish goals

It’s nice to be able to work out new goals with your partner—even if you probably need to work on them apart. Be realistic about them, and make sure you agree with each other on things, especially when they’re about complicated matters, like moving in together after a year or so. Know that plans often change, and if it does, make sure you know how to adjust, and not give in to disappointments.

Try to see each other at least once a year

It could be expensive, but it’s something that you need to splurge on once in a while, to make sure you never run out of things to look forward to, and you don’t get tired of chatting or calling each other. Sure it could take a chunk out on your savings, so make sure you save for it separately.

As they say: Love will triumph!

As they say: Love will triumph!

These are just some of the things that you need to do to make sure your long distance relationship lasts. It may be difficult, but it’s still doable. It may sometimes be complex, but not impossible. There’s a lot of sacrifice, a lot of adjustments, but as long as you’re both willing, and stay strong against temptations, you’re guaranteed to work it out.

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Reasons Why You’re Getting Fat With Healthy Foods And Drinks

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Are you trying a diet and is not working? Follow these tips

Is your diet not working? Follow these tips

We strive to become healthy in order to fight any dreadful diseases. We start being conscious especially the foods and drinks we consume because these stuffs have a big impact on our health status. However, sometimes being conscious requires us to take some good research on everything we eat and drink because even healthy foods and beverages can actually make us fat.

Being fat is far beyond being healthy

We might have in mind that since we became fat because of healthy foods and drinks, then we are still safe and in healthy condition. Indeed, fats on some parts of our body are healthy in a way that it provides support and shape in some vital parts. However, being fat like having those excess unhealthy fats in our bellies, thighs, arms, and other internal and external parts is never a healthy appearance to consider.
Obesity, the worst result of being fat has many health risks. It opens the gate allowing fatal diseases to threaten our lives. Therefore, it is not right to let ourselves be fond of eating healthy foods because too much of these could also harm our health.

Common healthy foods that makes us fat

1) Flavored Yogurt – most people would tend to prefer flavored yogurts than the regular ones. However, the truth about these sweet temptations is that it is rich in sugar in which too much consumption of it may lead to sugar cravings and resulting in making us fat.

Try sugar free cookies

Try sugar free cookies

2) Sugar Free Cookies and Candies – We want to control our intake of sugar because we are afraid of diabetes. Therefore, we opted to eat cookies and candies. Indeed, we have saved ourselves from sugar cravings. However, the carbohydrates we are taking in would contribute in depositing unhealthy fats into our body system.

3) Veggie Chips – vegan diet is very healthy. This is the reason why many people get veggie chips for healthy snacks. However, there are manufactured chips that are covered with flour and flavored with salts, which could make us actually fat.

Common healthy drinks that makes us fat

1) Smoothies – juice lovers are always hooked up with these flavored drinks. Fruits could enhance faster metabolism but when it is already processed with sugars, this forms some layers on your belly.

2) Coffee Drinks – staying awake is good to finish some tasks and coffee could grant that effect; however, coffee addicts are prone to be fat.

Why these healthy foods and drinks makes us fat

It is the calories and insoluble fats, the sugar, and the carbohydrates. These are just few of the suspects why these healthy stuffs could actually make us fat. It is undeniable that these healthy foods have good effects in making our body parts stay functional. However, too much amount of these in our body would surely result in an unhealthy fat body.

Workout and eat healthy

Workout and eat healthy

It is important to check the labels of the processed healthy foods we buy. We can also do some research first about the food and beverages we wish to consume if we aim to live a healthy lifestyle. Proper monitoring of our food intake could be helpful in making sure that these healthy stuffs would make us have a healthy body we deserve.

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5 Tips To Lower Down Your Car Insurance Rate

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Choose the right car insurance policy for you

Choose the right car insurance policy for you

Finding the right car insurance nowadays that would allow you to sleep at night is really not that hard. This is mainly because the car insurance industry is very competitive. However, other car insurance still cost double, with that idea alone, comparing the benefits and details regarding the coverage may take time but it’s definitely worth the money saved. While shopping for the best car insurance, this article will provide 5 ways in cutting down the cost that might actually work for you.

1. Buy a car with the lowest insurance claims

If you are the type who’s not really particular with whatever model of car you’re driving; as long as it takes you from point A to point B, then buy a car with the lowest insurance claims. Some examples of these cars are Subaru Outback, Volvo V70, Chevrolet Corvette Convertible and Ford 500. These cars are not that bad at all. So if you really want to cut the cost of your car insurance then shop for a car first that will match your insurers price quote.

2. Probe for discounts

A carrier will most likely provide discounts if your car has built in protection like antitheft alarm or devices, air bags, automatic seat belts and airbags. Making your car more secure will less likely to be stolen or damage. They will also consider discounts if you’re planning to buy coverage for two or more. If you’re married or is living with someone they will also see you as a less risky drivers that will consider giving you a discount as well. Shopping around will definitely take time because you need to ask around for the best deal there is.

3. Practice parking in a garage

Practice parking in a garage

Practice parking in a garage

A garage is a secure place to park your car. This will avoid your car from being hit or damage during unexpected car accidents. Parking it in a garage will also prevent your car from being stolen. You’ll get insurance breaks for sure if you inform your carrier about it.

4. Maintain a good driving reputation

Your driving history will definitely affect the rate of your insurance rate. If you’re a risky driver in the past where you encountered more accidents then they will definitely charge a higher rate. Car insurance companies can track the average of insurance claim for every car model. If you have a bad driving reputation or has reported several claims, then it is best for you to change the model or the type of car you’re driving.

5. Purchase your car insurance on the internet

If you are planning to shop for the right car insurance that will best suit your needs, it is best to shop online. A lot of car insurance companies provide information through their website. Knowing their offers and guidelines, it is easier for you to apply online.

Cheap car insurance

Cheap car insurance

These are just some of the many tips where you can cut the cost of car insurance. If your budget is tight, hopefully these tips will help you find the right car insurance that will suit your needs.

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How To Clean The Inbox: Some Of The Must Have Tools

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Files and Folders

Files and Folders

The most important part of our modern knowledge work is by being able to manage our inbox and therefore being able to arrange the emails that we receive each day. It is a common trend to have an email address, though many of us are still unaware of how to manage our inboxes. People have been often complaining that the most difficult task is being able to manage the emails and it often wastes a lot of time. The best thing that can be done to evade this distraction will be to make use of a proper email folder structure and therefore keep on sending the emails in the desired folder. Overflowing inboxes and bulging emails have bugged many and therefore there are a couple of email management tools that help in this process. A few of those tools are stated as under:

Active Inbox

The most amazing email management tool that is recommended by many people is an active box. The web browser Google Chrome has several free extensions offering enough ways to manage the emails. Therefore, once it has been installed, the toolbar proffers a number of options to mark the emails and therefore marking the emails in a different folder altogether. It is now that the email will be highlighted and it will be easier to track the emails that acquire attention. Therefore, all the action emails can be sorted in one folder making it more streamlined. It is easy to empty the inbox by making use of Active Inbox and helps in the tracking task too by using the review bar.
It will be easier to schedule meetings or coordinate with people with the help of Active Inbox. Once the Active Inbox has been installed, it is easier to make use of the “Getting Started” tab that helps in making everything look handy and offers enough tips to make the application look like a child’s play.


Boomerang for Gmail

Boomerang for Gmail

Another tool that is quite amazing is Boomerang. It is useful for scheduling the emails and helps in even delaying an email by queuing it for hours. The emails can be flagged and it will help in informing about the expiry of a deadline for any particular email you had to read!

Inbox Zero

An empty inbox is your goal

An empty inbox is your goal

The inbox should be considered as a temporary place of holding the emails before they are being processed and sent to the right sections. This implies that all the read and processed emails should be kept away from the inbox. It becomes hard to juggle between the read and unread emails if they are kept in the inbox with the unread ones.
All of these things can be carried out by making use of “carry the milk” management tool. This is very easy to use and can be used to allow you to keep a track of the emails, the tasks that are to be done or that are due by the time and the priority tasks. It can be easily used in tablets, i-phones or even i-pads.

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